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“Clyde would steal really good cars and weapons from military armories,” Hendley says, “while police in the South and Southwest were driving clunkers and sometimes didn’t have radios and telephones.” But just how bad Bonnie was remains a matter for debate.

She apparently didn’t mean for those photos to get out into the public, and Hendley says she would claim that the cigar was just a prop and that, while she was holding a gun in that photo, she didn’t actually shoot anyone.

who was a non-commissioned officer in the United States Army.

Although her salary has not been disclosed, her net worth is said to be million.

Once Faye Dunaway was rumored to have hooked up with Steve Mc Queen.

So, when the magazine featured Beatty and Dunaway on its cover later that year, it was as the exemplars of “New Cinema Violence.” The first review had made “a mistake” and now the film was dubbed “the sleeper of the decade,” “the best movie of the year” and “a watershed picture, the kind that signals a new style, a new trend.” It noted that it was irrelevant whether the fictional Bonnie and Clyde were like the real ones, yet argued that part of what made the movie so successful was how it turned a couple of criminals into folk heroes: Blending humor and horror, it draws the audience in sympathy toward its antiheroes.

It is, at the same time, a commentary on the mindless daily violence of the American ’60s and an esthetic evocation of the past.

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